New subtype of multiple sclerosis discovered

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic, USA, have discovered a new subtype of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The breakthrough provides a better understanding of the individualized nature of the disease says the research team. This new subtype of MS, called myelocortical MS (MCMS), was indistinguishable from traditional MS on MRI. This new type was only diagnosed in post-mortem tissues. Recommendations based on this discovery include the need for more sensitive MRI imaging techniques for evaluating brain pathology in real time and monitoring treatment response in patients with the disease much more closely. 

Professor Bruce Trapp, Chair of Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute Department of Neurosciences said "This information highlights the need for combination therapies to stop disability progression in MS." Daniel Ontaneda, M.D., clinical director at Cleveland Clinic's Mellen Center for Treatment and Research in MS added, "We are hopeful these findings will lead to new tailored treatment strategies for patients living with different forms of MS."

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